Kaylee (xyourxsecretx) wrote,

Fortune Me

This was a very long day, but somewhat productive! I believe I'm moving in the right direction with just about every thing. I'm just hoping I actually finish at the finish point instead of being left behind. School can't go any slower. We are in the teen's next week of the amount of day's left of in-school classes we have. I want things to just be over. It's just dragging. But, on the good news..after my senior thesis I practically will be done with school. So after next week, I'll be graduating (practically). I have four 1/2 pages into my english paper about 2012 then Geoff and I will be putting together my powerpoint and I'll be done. All thats left is present and I have to be chill about that. It all should go well.

I'm starting to love work. It's more chill back than it has ever been, and I'm really close to everyone there. SO it's more of going to work with friends than co-workers. We do dances and sing out loud and laugh a lot of time. Joke around and truthfully I'll be missing Holly. I feel as if nothing is very in order anymore. But, when Derek and Karen left our store feels like it is slowly falling apart. I guess that is just apart of the process until someone sets some rules in that place.

And driving! Oh driving! I'm driving home from work now when dad comes to pick me up! I will soon hit the thru-way at 6am a Sunday morning maybe this Sunday when I have work at 7am! I had my second driving class today..and we went around the neighborhood of West Seneca. I did 2 3 point turns perfectly! But, I don't want to forget the process of it. All I can remember is signal, blind spot, signal, turn, then reverse, then turn other way, then straighten out. I feel very accomplished with driving! I just have to loosen up, and things will go much finer. She was cute and was a hour early to pick me up from work, and she told me if I need to get to buffalo and am in West Seneca...we'll take a trip out there. She is very cute and I'm excited I got so lucky!

Every thing is just great.
I really hope I can get into Buff State though, the crap SAT scores are scaring me to death. :/
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