Kaylee (xyourxsecretx) wrote,

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Please be able

Ever since you left me..I been so out of order.

I need you back, more than anything. But you simply won't come back to me until devistation knocks at your door.

I really wish you realized how much you need me in your every day life. But maybe I'm the only one that really realizes that. I don't know why I need you so much to feel like I have that void cleared up.

I just miss a lot about you. I really hope you can always stick with me. Even though, when you're married..I'll never hear from you again :).

You mean a lot to me, I want you to know that and ever since you found somebody I have became a mess. I don't know what exactly to do. I need your friendship and thats all.

I'll be waiting for you to someday talk to me like you used to.
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