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Windy days, Picnic blankets, sweet kisses and sweet smell of fresh air.

I have a lot of competition. I have a lot of learning to do. I have a lot of exploring to discover. I have details to be watched. I have money to be saved.

I need to start saving. Simple as that. I need my work-laptop as soon as august. I don't know how thats going ot happen with my random food shoppings and here and there clothes. I don't have under a hundred in my account so thats nice..

That book at Borders just really opened to my eyes of how I have tons of competition. I must say, I need to grab a voice and grab it soon because photographer's voice is hushed too much.

As much as I'm leaning towards finding another major and going to buff state, something is just telling me to stay where I am. I can't back out now.

I want to do this project with making me look like a marionette doll with the two strings and the little handle type thing. But I really need to learn photoshop for that, and I'm lost...

I really love picnics but not so much on cold days. I love subway, especially when it's free. I love shopping for dresses and seeing how inexpensive they are. I hope to make him happy if I decide to go. But as of right now, it's a no unless I find that perfect dress. But right after prom, I will be leaving to tornoto for a weekend. Very excited.

I love the ring you got me, very creative-thinking, and very nice listening skills because I couldn't ask for anything better. It defines me. And no, children, it isn't a wedding ring. Pffft.

This entry was all over the place.
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