Kaylee (xyourxsecretx) wrote,


-Megan's Birthday
-An hour and a half to get past the guards.
-Toronto was a far drive..
-We stopped at Ieka and I decided thats the place I'm going to go when I live on my home to decorate my house.
-Arrived in toronto.
-Had the room 1408 but got it changed since it only had one bed...and there was three of us.
-Were invited for a hotel danceparty crunk party with random boys...DECLINE.
-Went to china town/had an awkward conversation with a townee on the bus.
-China town!
-Bubble TEAAa-but I knew I always didn't like those bubbles..
-Walked back by our hotel.
-Walked the streets, roamed the undergrounds.
-Took the pictures like tourists.
-Found a really nice resturant after many failed attempts for looking for somewhere good to go.
-Ate some delicious food, waiting forever to get the whole process of PAYING for the food.
-Back to the hotel.
-Roamed every floor to try to find the pool that didn't exist.
-Watched resident evil in our hotel room.
-Had a few texts to my boo until I was out cold.
-Thought about the charges I was gonna be charged..then believed it was worth it.
-Woke up multiple times because the hotel room was freezing...according to me...
-Woke up at 530
-Stayed in bed until 6 (typical kaylee move)
-Left by 6:05, had trouble getting TO the car. Locked out of the parking garage.
-When we got going, we went 80-90 all the way through.
-Stopped for typical tim hortons food for breakfast.
-Gaurds asked us how we were friends...a friend of a friend through myspace and a friend since birth.
-Got home, now am tired as ever.
-Have to work 6 hours..then hopefully find a way to buffalo to go bike riding...yet, I doubt that will happen.

...so, for now, I'm looking forward to sleep.
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