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Photos, Canvas, Oil paints and the smell of fresh new cut wood :)

I really thought the field trip would of been a waste of time and I would rather just sit at home at noon. But, the field trip to Buff state and Penny art has pushed me to want to be an art student even more. I really am looking forward to being an art student. It just feels so right. While looking in the classrooms it has motivated me to actually take time on my art works and think more in-depth with them. I never knew Buff State had such a nice art program, even a photography program! Even though all of this is super exciting and all of my friends are pretty much at Buff state...my heart is in Villa. I was talking to the woman who was in charge of the tour. She asked me if I'm going into the art field, I told her yes but when I told her I like how Villa is small she kind of turned away from me. She was like, "Well you can always transfer here to finish it up for the four years!" And so, I could. I'm not only going to have two years of photography..thats if it stays as two years. It's suppose to turn into four. So, hopefully during my stay there that will happen.
I didn't like being in the dark room- which is something I'm going to have to get over. It's so small and...I don't like being confined in small places..I get really sick. But at least the dark room at villa is much bigger than the one at buff state. Which also, the professor said that photography is the biggest upcoming major...which, I could see why but it kind of gives me fear of all the competition I'm going to have to face. I pretty much know that this major is either going to give me a living or make me fall flat on my face. But at this point, I'm not thinking about that. I'm just thinking that I can get somewhere with photography or even art. I'm in love with art, and artists.
I just want to leave high school. I been wanting to leave since freshman year. Chelsea and I always used to talk about just leaving and after high school plans. I believe high school was a waste of my time. I believe the fun years will be in college. I'm just excited to study something I love, do projects, READ...ahhhhhh, just get me in there!
The field trip was fun...I got to sit with Autumn, Matt and her two friends during lunch. We got about an hour for lunch and Autumn and Matt was there until I had to go to penny art so it was really exciting to see them. Matt and I just talked about everything and I got my hug and my bite from him since thats what he did all the time when I saw him in school. Along with playing my hair but he is angry I cut all of that off. I love my Matt.
College is pretty interesting..only a few more months :)
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